Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose One80TC?
What role does Teen Challenge play?
How long have you been in operation?
Is your program Christian based?
Do you have to become a Christian to stay in the program?
Do you have a board of management?
How is ONE80TC funded?
Does ONE80TC provide detox services?
What life controlling issues does ONE80TC address?
How do you help integrate a student back into the community?
Do you accept dual diagnosis clients?
Can students access psychiatric care?
Can students access psychologists?
Do students get to go on leave for special occasions?
Can students receive visitors?
Do students live 24/7 on site?
What qualifications do your staff have?
What is your policy on drugs on site?
How do you help the students find work on completion?
What is the student to caseworker ratio?
What criminal history may preclude a student from coming into the program?
What can I expect?
Why the name ONE80TC?
Do you have male and female students onsite?
Do you have to be a Christian to attend the program?
Do students have to attend church?
Who are you affiliated with?
Do you have a clinical management?
How do people hear about ONE80TC?
What life controlling issues does ONE80TC address?
What ages do the students need to be?
Do you accept LGBTQI clients?
Is your program maintenance or abstinence based?
Do you have a doctor on site at the residential service?
Do you do random drug testing?
How do you assess the effectiveness of the program and its systems?
Are students supervised at all times on ONE80TC outings?
Do you have staff 24/7 on site?
What happens if a residential student breaks the rules?
What happens to a student who is suspended from the program?
What if I have outstanding legal matters?
Do you take students from detention centres?