Thank you for considering a gift to ONE80TC in your Will, also known as Legacy Giving or a bequest.

Including ONE80TC in your Will creates an enduring impact in the lives of individuals and the future of their families. Your gift will be so much more than a financial donation it will leave a legacy of Hope and create an enduring impact in people’s lives in future generations. We will use your gift with wisdom and integrity to Rescue Lives, Restore Hope and Rebuild Families for generations to come. Thank you for considering leaving a gift to ONE80TC in your Will and for partnering with us to Rescue Lives, Restore Hope and Rebuild Families.

What is legacy giving?

In simple terms ‘Legacy Giving’ is a planned donation that designates a part of an individual’s estate to a chosen charity. You can leave a legacy by naming ONE80TC as a beneficiary of your estate.

Your gift might also cause others to think about their own philanthropic goals and inspire them to give back as well.

Why leave a gift in your Will?

We understand that many supporters want to continue to Rescue Lives, Restore Hope and Rebuild Families for years to come. Including ONE80TC in your Will is a way for you to leave a lasting legacy of generosity and make ONE80TC an important part of your life story, creating an enduring impact on individual lives and positively changing the trajectory of their families for generations to come.

We are here to support your decision and guide you through the process.

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Suggested wording for your Will

You should seek professional legal advice when preparing to include ONE80TC in your Will. Your solicitor will be able to ensure that any changes made to your Will are valid and effective. However, once you have sought professional legal advice, the process to include ONE80TC in your Will is simple. We have provided important information so you can make an informed decision about the type of bequest you would like to leave, along with the suggested wording. The most common type of bequest is a Residuary Bequest.

A Residuary Bequest is a gift of all or a percentage of what is left in your estate after specific gifts, taxes and debts have been fulfilled.

Suggested wording for a Residuary Bequest

You should seek legal advice before acting on this, but we invite you to consider including the wording below in your updated will to implement your Residuary Bequest:

"I give............. [insert per cent] per cent of my residuary estate [or the rest of my estate] free of all duties to ONE80TC LIMITED (ABN 90 540 437 262) for its general purposes* and direct that the receipt of the authorised officer of ONE80TC LIMITED will be a sufficient discharge to my trustees."

*To request that funds be directed to a specific ONE80TC program, replace the words 'general purposes' with the name of a specific ONE80TC program*

Information on the other types of bequests, along with the suggested wording, is available in the FAQs below or by downloading the Bequest booklet.

Download Bequest booklet

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