Men's Centre

ONE80TC started in Kings Cross in Sydney and has been successfully operating a men’s rehabilitation centre for nearly 40 years. We offer transformation programs to overcome addiction and other life controlling issues. Located in the lower Blue Mountains, our facility caters for men aged between 18+ seeking a residential centre that will help them successfully recover from a lifestyle of addiction.

Our men’s facility has 43 residential beds and 8 graduate beds, and is supported by over 25 staff.

Our Program

The ONE80TC program restores hope, rebuilds dreams and rescues lives. We offer a holistic approach to recovery and have a team of qualified professionals working together to achieve the best possible outcome for each member within our therapeutic community. This team of professionals includes a Clinical Psychologist, GP, Case Workers, Support staff and more.  

ONE80TC is a Christian based organisation that believes a spiritual foundation is essential. We recognise that we are emotional, physical and spiritual beings, and a holistic approach is required to achieve success and long-term freedom. Our vision is to help people put their lives back together and set them on the pathway to success. We will work with you to restore HOPE.

In addition to rehabilitative services, participants are encouraged to integrate back into the community and prepare to enter or re-enter the workforce or gain further education.

The participative residential program has provided assistance to over 5,000 young men with a focus on self-identity; family and relationships (including reconciliation); personal development; and work and responsibilities. The facility has 45 beds and students share  with one or two others in a room.

When first entering our program we know it is difficult to see a bright future, but also know that through time in our program you will realise that your story is not finished. The best is yet to come! That the lifestyle of addiction is a chapter in life that can be closed and your new story awaits.

Our prayer is that in our centre you will find the new you, free from addiction and walking in to the potential that awaits the rest of your life. Your story is unfinished and the hold of addiction can, and will, be overcome.

If you or someone you know, or contact us call us on 02 4776 8800