First Steps

Upon acceptance to ONE80TC, students will start their recovery journey by participating in a Transition Group. The Transition Group helps participants build a foundation for long-term recovery. During this phase participants will focus on topics such as:
- Stages of Change
- Cycle of Addiction
- Goal Setting
- Social Skills, Communication, Conflict Resolution
- Self Identity
- Relapse Prevention
- Understanding Depression, Anxiety, Shame, Anger
- Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
- Smoking Cessation

Once the Transition Group is completed, the students move into the next stage of the program. It is often at this time that our students realise it is going to take more time, education, training and practical experience to break the cycle of addiction.

ONE80TC's residential program provides additional learning opportunities through individual self paced programs, the 12-step program, group and team activities including applying skills learnt during the Transition Group. Further support is provided with one-on-one mentoring by case workers, counselling with our psychologists and the support of other trained staff.

The next phases of the program will be negotiated with the students case worker. Contracts will be established based on the students goals. The student goals will usually fit within the following themes: Self-Identity, Family and Relationships, Personal Development, Work and Responsibilities.

Life Skills Training

ONE80TC know to ensure long term success, our students will need to attain employment. This will increase their self-esteem and confidence. To prepare for life post rehabilitation ONE80TC seek to train students through allocated work detail, ongoing personal development courses, and vocational opportunities.


ONE80TC is a therapeutic community. An individuals recognition of the impact they have not only in their own journey, but that of the students around them is paramount. As such, ONE80TC strongly encourages teamwork. Our hope is that our student body will build support structures and friendships that will last for a lifetime.

Family Reconciliation

People who are caught up in destructive lifestyles often wreak havoc on their relationships with family and friends. Through counselling and guidance the ONE80TC team aims to help families reconnect. Our vision to rescue, restore and rebuild is key to ensuring the any long term success.


Our psychologists are committed to restoring hope and stability in the students’ lives, and are passionate about helping them along the journey of recovery. Through one-on-one and group sessions, students are given the chance to address some of their previous experience and associated emotional, physical or spiritual baggage that is associated with their addiction.

ONE80TC also provide relationship counselling for those who are married or have life partners.

Program Completion

The 12 month program is broken down into 5 stages and we celebrate each stage as it is completed. This culminates into the final Graduation Celebration at completion of the full 12 month program which is based on each individual working through their contracts and goals.

The Graduation Ceremony is the highlight of the journey and students are encouraged to invite their family and supporters to see witness their graduation.

Many of the students testimonial videos are published via our Facebook page and YouTube channel.